Remote Patient Monitoring

Our RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) program is designed to assist physicians in their goal of healthy and happy patients. Using state of the art technology, we provide your practice with advanced tools to make monitoring simple and effective while keeping our doctors in compliance with the new medical regulations.

When we are on board, patients don't go to the hospital with anything frivolous, taking beds away from those that desperately need expert care. The process is very simple, PT PCP will notify us of a patient in need.

Please note.. does not need to be a PCP can also be a specialist or even an ED referral as needed. 

Free Startup

No charge to patients or physicians

Easy to Use

Monitoring devices can be used via Bluetooth so a patient can keep their devices they like and are comfortable with

Live Care

A tablet that gives the patient direct access to a human 24/7

Medical Adjustment

We ensure that their is no cost to the doctors or patients

Live Care Services

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All devices are given free of charge. We take all measures to assure that the patient is compliant with their medications as well as monitoring their vitals necessary for their personal needs. If a patient dx is diabetes they get the oximeter and glucometer. If a patient dx is hypertension they get oximeter and BP cuff, and so on. Patient care is out first priority, providing the personalization they need in order to live free and easy.

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Patients and doctors can sign up directly with us, submit a form and we will contact you shortly. 

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