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Personal Patient Telehealth Devices

PPTD is essential in ensuring the well being of all patients, and we make it easy. 

We tend to all your healthcare needs with 24/7 access to a trained medical professional.

Each patient will receive FREE devices as well as FREE service to those devices.  The main screened device works on cellular service while the peripheral devices attach via Bluetooth.  

Need a Covid Test?

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Cell: 346-309-1207
WhatsApp: 346-309-1207

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Coronavirus Test

Activated Charcoal

Health Benefits

Food Poisoning Relief

Tooth Infections

Acne and Scalp Cleanse

Eye Infections

Toxin Removal

Tooth Whitening

Digestive Cleanse

Pain Relief

Gas and Bloating

Mosquito, Bee, and Spider Bites

Cholesterol Reduction

Water Purification

Monkey Pox Test 
Coming Soon

Contact us to find out how to obtain a Monkey Pox Skin Test


Tel. 346-309-1027

Tel. 347-998-6725
WhatsApp: 347-309-1207


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Friday - Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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