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Gut Health

How does it all work?

When we are born our parents try their hardest to give us all natural and healthy foods. It would be unheard of to give even a simple lollipop to an infant or use a bottle that isn't BPA free. Babies are so pure and innocent. Then we slowly start introducing "real" food. The biggest mistake we make at this point is not paying attention. Years of ignoring our own intuition and what our bodies are telling us have trained us to also ignore the destruction we are causing that was once caused to us.

In order to fully understand the damage, we need to understand how the gut works. We have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. These bacteria help us to digest foods properly. There is also acid and other fluids that the body naturally secretes in order to operate properly. When all is working properly, it's happy days. However, when thigs are out of whack, it's misery. Heart burn, constipation, diarrheic, nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, indigestion, weight gain, poor circulation, mental health effects, and on and on and on....and then we take chemicals to put a band-aid on the symptoms and continue our destructive ways. The body is all connected and needs to work together!

What now?

Unless you have a time machine, there is no way to go back in time and start over. The main thing is to remember that it didn't happen overnight and it won't be fixed overnight. The biggest mistake people tend to make is rushing themselves. First step is to research. We have become so used to others thinking for us that we stopped thinking for ourselves which has helped us to get to this point. Someone who does the work and takes pride in doing so tends to yield more positive results in all they do.

The best advice I ever got was "if you can't pronounce it don't eat it" and second best advice was "if it can stay on the shelves for more than a couple weeks without spoiling, don't eat it". Chemicals have become a staple in the human diet and it is wreaking havoc on our homeostasis. A long time ago, a very bad man decided that natural was "alternative" and synthetic was best all so he could make money. Most people have been so indoctrinated to believe this that they don't know any better and it has created a very negative cycle. For example, diabetes. The simple explanation is that body stops producing sufficient insulin. Some are born with this defect while most develop it over years of bodily abuse. One thing that's important to understand is that when we provide synthetic alternatives to the body (especially in an already weakened state) the body will stop natural production. Yet, when there are warning signs, doctors will jump to prescribe instead of getting to the root of the problem and fixing it. One prescription leads to two then three then four etc. Each synthetic comes with side effects which doctors tend to then give other synthetics in order to combat the side effects from the synthetics. What no one talks about is how health starts with the gut.

For example:

  1. Nebivolol (for high blood pressure) = Cardiac failure, edema, postural hypotension, first degree AV block, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, angina pectoris, chest pain, dizziness, dyspnea, exacerbated dyspnea, common cold, coughing, bronchitis, pharyngitis, increased sweating, myalgia, arthrosis, back pain, tiredness, drug intolerance, pain, injury, fatigue, nervousness, impotence, decreased platelet, increased BUN, hypercholesterolmeia, hyperuricemia, increased uric acid, increased triglycerides, decreased HDL cholesterol, abnormal hepatic function, hypersensitivity.

  2. Lipitor (for "bad" chelesterol) = hemorrhagic stroke, arthralgia, diarrhea, nasopharyngitis, UTI, insomnia, limb pain, myalgia, nausea, cough, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, fast heartbeat, fever, hives, muscle cramps, puffing or swelling of the eyes, tightness in the chest, unusual tiredness.

  3. Truvada (antiviral) = Hives, difficult breathing, swelling of face/lips/tongue/throat, lactic acidosis, unusual muscle pain, trouble breathing, stomach pain, vomiting, irregular heart rate, dizziness, feeling cold/weak/tired, depression.

  4. Xanax (anti anxiety) = Hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of face/tongue/lips/throat, drowsiness, light-headed, weak/shallow breathing, light headed, seizure, hallucinations, risk taking behavior, racing thoughts, agitation, talkative, double vision, jaundice, suicidal ideations.

  5. Adderall (ADHD) = Hives, difficult breathing, swelling of face/lips/tongue/throat, chest pain, trouble breathing, feeling like you may pass out, hallucinations, new behavioral problems, aggression, hostility, paranoia, numbness, pain, cold feeling, unexplained wounds, skin color changes, seizure, muscle twitches, change in vision, loss of coordination, stomach pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, mood changes, feeling nervous, fast heart rate, headaches, dry mouth, bladder pain, bloody or cloudy urine, frequent urge to urinate, lower back/side pain, cough, fever, joint paint, runny nose, sweating, etc

Please note: These are just some of the most common side effects of these drugs. Notice how each one has an effect on gut health. Please visit for more information on synthetics and their side effects.

How do we fix it?

Start small. Slowly start replacing synthetics for natural. Read labels. Make a plan. Remember that it's a journey and a lifestyle. Don't be alarmed when you feel worse before you feel better.


  1. Synthetic sugars for small servings of real sugar like coconut sugar

  2. Low fat for healthy fats

  3. MSG for...nothing (it doesn't add flavor or anything good)

  4. Synthetic spices for actual onions/tomatoes/garlic and other flavorful natural items

  5. Antacids for whole milk and other calcium rich foods

  6. Antidepressants for sun and outdoor activities

Contact Natural Escapes today for healthy natural alternatives

With all the technologies in this world that are supposed to make our lives easier and give us more time....take that time and use it productively to better your life!

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